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Quick update
Good evening one and all,this Friday (Sept 16th),we're heading to Otley festival,playing at The Manor House in the centre of town,8.45ish start,and another date for your diaries,Saturday Oct 8th,we're making a racket at Halifax Irish Club,starting 9ish.It'd be great to see you at either or both :) xxxxxx

 Updated 13/03/2016
Evening all,just a quick update,we're playing at The Casa,Brighouse on St. Patricks evening,it's £5 entry,including a supper,not sure what time we're on as there are a couple of other things going on,Irish dancers,a comedian (besides us) and a duo,we're aiming to get there for 7pm and take it from there,if times are confirmed in the mean time,we'll update the site.
Also,on Saturday 19th March,we're playing in Halifax town centre at the Gun Dog (formerly the Sportsman),it's a fine real ale pub with regular band nights,so get your booties down there :)
Update 10/02/16
Hi all,hope you're fine and sunny,we had two belting gigs in January,firstly,many thanks to the good folks at the Old Rishworthians in Copley and beyond,who supported their fundraising evening,and made it a great night,hopefully it won't be another 7 years before we return there again (thanks for that stat Jeff!).
We also played at The Headrow pub in Leeds,which,after a few sound issues early on, (new gear but same booze addled brains trying to work it!),turned into a good night,with special mention to Paul,Diane,Sara,Haggis,Stevie D,Karen,Greg and Verity,who made the trip from Halifax to see us,and a special gold star to Steve,our roadie/driver/all round nice chap for his patience in the face of such druffen shenanegins,vodka cocktails and chilled white wine (and cheers for the van use Kev).The new year cobwebs are well and truly dusted off.
Anyways,just a quick update on forthcoming gigs,we've left Feb floating,as we have quite a few coming up in March,and spring chickens we ain't (apart from Tim of course)...so here are the March ones...
Saturday March 12th at The Crossroads Inn,Wainstalls..9ish start
Sunday    March 13th at Halifax Irish Club in town...2pm start
Thursday March 17th  The Casa,Brighouse,£5 entrance fee,inc.supper,starts 8ish(tbc)
Saturday  March 19th  at The Gundog in Halifax town centre...9ish start
That's all for now folks,don't forget we also have a facebook site complete with boozy snaps from various gigs down the years...be back in touch in a week or two,before the St. Patricks onslaught begins,and the 17th of March venue is confirmed,keep dancing,stay kind and generous,and remember these words from the wonderful Tom Waits....we are monkeys with money and guns.
See y'all real soon,T,N,J,G,J and S xxxxxx
Updated 16/01/2016
Hi folks,hope you're doing well,we've finally got our asses into gear,and will be updating the site with news/gigs/tours/change of Y-fronts from here on in,many thanks to Paul Gibbons for his patience with the eejit sat next to him earlier this week,I think I have it now Paul :)
We have lots of gigs coming over the horizon,with Nick waiting to confirm a few,so for now,here are our January ones...
Sat 23rd Jan at The Old Rishworthians RUFC,Copley,it's £10 entry,(which includes pie and peas supper),and think we're on around 9pm.
Sat 30th Jan at The Headrow at er,the headrow in Leeds...looking forward to a new pub venue,it'd be great to see you if you fancy a venture out,again,think we're making a racket around 9ish.
We also have 5 or 6 all but sorted for the annual St. Patricks fortnight :) which I'll post up in a week or so,and another date for your diaries is Wed 9th March,when we return to Phoenix Radio for a chat and a few tunes (and a clinking of bottles),we thoroughly enjoyed ourselves,and must have sung at least a couple of notes in tune,as the chaps down there have asked us back.
Right,that's enough of my inane ramblings for now,be in touch real soon,
Lots of love,lager and guinness,
gez,nick,tim,jim,john (and of course,steve) xxxxxx
Updated 12/01/2016

Happy New Year everyone,like the Death Star,the website will be fully functioning again this week,with updated gig list,and anything ongoing in Celtsville.Many thanks to the lovely Stu for his hard work,both behind the kit,and his upkeep of the site down the years.The marathon torch now passes to me,until I run out of things to say,or there's a mutiny aboard ship.See y'all real soon,John....and may Lemmy and David Bowie forever keep shining on.

Updated 7/03/2015

Hello everyone, we hope you're well. A lot of our information is now communicated from our Facebook page so the website does get ignored to a degree, apologies for any people this cuts out of the loop. However you've missed nothing thus far as we are only about to play our 1st gig of 2015 unbelievably!

We have St Patrick's weekend next weekend and all our gigs are now on the Calendar page for that period. The abridged version of that is:

Sun 8th March - White Hart, Cloth Hall St Huddersfield - 5pm
Fri 13th March - The Moorlands, Ogden - 9pm
Sat 14th March - The Crossroads, Wainstalls - 9pm
Sun 15th March - Halifax Irish Club - 2pm
Tues 17th March - The Casa, Brighouse - 9pm - £5 entry

That's all for now, we are going to be doing less gigs this year for one reason or another so please ensure you grab as many opportunities to see us as you can. Next one after this run is in Mid April.

Goodbye friends S,G,J,N,J - (BotC)

26/12/2014 - Hello, ho, ho

Good evening and season's greetings to each and every one of you.

As we approach the end of another year for the band which has seen fantastic highs and heartbreaking lows we want to say thanks to every single person that makes the effort to support us, check the website or Facebook group, buys a CD, buy us a pint, drives us about, hits the dance floor when we play or just stands and listens. We really could not continue to do this without you all and we appreciate it each and every time.
We have one final gig before we put 2014 to bed and with your attendance it could and should be a corker.

     SATURDAY 27th DECEMBER - The Old Post Office 9pm

A huge dancefloor , a lovely pub. No excuses. See you there

02/09/2014 - The Return of The Celts.............

Well hello there, how have you been?

It seems that some of you do actually use this place as a sounding board for what we're up to (God bless ya') and you've noticed that its not been updated for about 6 months and the main reason for that is that its all been a bit quiet on the Celts front.

After St Patrick's weekend we have only played a handful of slots at all day gigs with other bands but we have also had to have some enforced time off due to some running repairs needed to our guitarist James. He needed a small operation on his wrists (insert smutty joke here) which has meant we were unable to play as regularly as we'd have liked. However as the site is being updated you've probably guessed that Belt of the Celts are on their way back and we're raring to go.

We have a full calendar of gigs up to the end of the year with a couple of special "one off" gigs in the pipeline too - more details to come.


As the photo above shows, we have been using the down time productively to not only help James get back up to speed  after his operation but also to knuckle down to some serious rehearsal  we've now got some belting new songs added to the set. All done in the hope of providing you all with some great nights at the back end of 2014.

The Calendar page has been updated with the confirmed gigs but we also have a very well run Facebook page too if that's your thing. There you can keep up to date with all things to do with the band with the exception of ice bucket challenges, vague statements about people who have pissed us off or heavily tinted pictures of our tea!

To hopefully whet your whistles and to kick us off in grand fashion we can excitedly announce that our first public gig for almost 6 months will be on:


It would be fantastic to see as many of you there as possible to welcome us back in grand style and also help support the club too.

Quickly following off the back of that we have a gig in a newer venue to us and again your support will be needed on:


That's all for now - we're really looking forward to returning, we've missed playing, we've missed the people who come to support us and we intend to make up for the time we've lost.

We'll see you at the bar!

G J N J S (BotC)